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> > As Suzanne has pointed out many, many times, that's the
sort of alien
> > thing that is imposed on native literacies by outsiders.
> No, you stated it many times. You stated your interest in this
topic is
> political.

I did say that, defintely, but because it is the kind of thing that is
little mentioned in research literacture, I feel on uncertain ground
about *proving* it. However, I have been told where us linguists
can stick our dictionaries rather emphatically by a university
educated Cree literate. Other Cree have a lot invested in these
dictionaries, so it is a complex issue.

There are two sides to this. Yes, standardization by dictionary is
alien. But is there a benefit from standardization that justifies it?
Other than google, of course.

And it is political but I refuse to discuss politics because it is
easy to sympathize with both positions, if you have been given
enough information.