You should really stop basing your articles on what you think people
said when you already said you delete the messages after you read them.

- I made a suggestion as to how your material might reach new users, and
if you care, remind me next week and I will quote the part where you
replied with intrigue.

- Others, who are *not* familiar with ORA, as evidenced by their
thoughts that it is merely a book publisher, thought it might not be

- Others, who are familiar with the wider variety and spirit of the
publisher thought tit would be a good idea.

Unlike you I am not so upset at the diversity of opinion about a
brainstorming of an idea. I appreciate it as a matter of fact - as I
noted earlier on this thread, it helped focus a few threads of related
ideas in my mind, and each of the respondents, including you, deserve
and now have my thanks and appreciation for that!



PS - no one will take you seriously when you make stuff up instead of
quoting them directly. Perhaps you should consider a new policy of not
deleting emails for a week or so. It will help your persuasiveness
immensely if you can track your own arguments and those of others before
you fire potshots.