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> Peter T. Daniels wrote:
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> > > Said individual is plenty familiar with "work for hire", and some of the
> > > subtleties involve in it - which you seem not to be, feeling "work for
> > > hire" and a copyright notation in a book are sufficient information
> > > about the state of a series of contracts regarding intellectual property
> > > to make a financial decision on. Sheesh.
> >
> > Any such decisions are your pipe dream, not mine.
> Not my dream, pipe or otherwise. I am not the one who as or ever had any
> intellectual property rights in the material being discussed. I have no
> contracts or other relationship with you or OUP. That is material
> associated with *you* that we are discussing.

No, "Barry." You decided that you would "help" me by urging that our
book be reedited for O'Reilly. I expressed absence of interest in such a
project, people familiar with O'Reilly indicated that it would not be
appropriate for them, yet you continue to press the question.

From your tiny cocoon of anonymity.

> > > Instead of putting words in my mouth about not being familiar with a
> > > term, be a man and quote me on it.
> >
> > I delete postings after I read them.
> Probably so you don't have to actually look back and follow a thread.
> That says a lot about you man, thanks for sharing that tidbit too. We
> will remember whenever you claim to be concerned about what someone said
> more then one post ago.
> Print out and post near your monitor that I will remind you relentlessly
> that when you fling about information from a thread that doesn't make
> much sense except if you are stuck somewhere between what you thought
> you read and making it up completely based on some preconceived
> emotional political activism crusade.
> > If it wasn't you who said he didn't know what it meant, who was it?
> It was you dreaming. Only you and I discussed it.

Then you _are_ the one who questioned the phrase, and when you deny it,
you are lying.

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