Peter T. Daniels wrote:

> n.
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> > In fact, a spell checker could work with no dictionary at all, because
> > there is usually a parallel "user dictionary" - so a user could choose
> > to save or not save *his* preferred spellings. later over time, someone
> > might aggregate those into a list all could share.
> You seem to be overlooking the fact that there IS NO ORTHOGRAPHIC
> STANDARD in Vai for a spellchecker to check against, NOR THE CONCEPT OR
> DESIRE OR NEED for such a thing.
> As Suzanne has pointed out many, many times, that's the sort of alien
> thing that is imposed on native literacies by outsiders.

No, you stated it many times. You stated your interest in this topic is

Go discuss the political situation in Liberia on lists where people are
discussing such political matters. You will not save the country from
cultural imperialism or anything else by being an activist here, unless
you are mobilizing to make a better keyboard before ME's destroys the
Vai. But you will never do that!

No one here is interested in your political concerns on this list,
especially when you spend a whole week hiding the truth of your
intentions behind false concern for engineering standardization and
marketing strategies.

You, sir, are nothing but an exposed Trojan horse.

> > I am so glad you are taking more of an an interest in linguistic
> > software issue then you used to Peter. Perhaps Vellum is a better place
> > to raise questions of that sort, and be sure to at least try to use
> > google or your favorite search engine to do a search such as "how does a
> > spell checker work" before expecting someone to give you free basic
> > advice too often :)
> Yeah, I figured you couldn't keep the smartass in check for more than a
> couple of days.

Try staying on topic then. If you can't take it then don't dish it out,
as someone else already said.

> > > ***
> > > Gack!! This posting was suddenly ended with screen after screen of
> > > "sponsored links"!! What ith yahoo wroughting?
> >
> > Sorry - usually I cut those out before sending (as we all do apparently)
> > I guess I missed it that time.
> I have never seen them before, either in my or in anyone else's
> postings.

Right, we all generally cut them out. That is what I said. In plain