Peter T. Daniels wrote:

> >
> > But the reason I asked you to clarify that is because if your true
> > motive here is political, fine, OK, great, but at least it is now
> > upfront and stated, and we know whether or not you are on topic for the
> > list in general, or if we should send the thread to a list that deals
> > more with the political ramification of technology and "cultural
> > imperialism" (of which there are a great many respected ones, I am sure)
> Fuck, as Seshat would not want me to say, off. (Referring, to clarify
> the antecedent, to everything above, not just the last sentence or
> paragraph.)

Yeah, see what fine rhetoric skills you have hen exposed as the
disingenuous bully you are, a wolf in sheep's clothing indeed!

> > >
> > > Hunh?
> >
> > It is plain English. Read it until you get it. I know you are capable.
> Perhaps you aren't familiar with English pragmatics. The "Hunh?"
> questions not the semantics of the "plain English," but the relevance of
> the paragraph. Who has suggested that anyone is "prepared to argue"
> that?

And perhaps you are not capable of reading it again until you
understand, regardless of the meaning of your childishly deteriorated
writing skills. If you don't get the relevance, then read it again until
you get it.

Or, alternatively, there must be some community colleges that offer
courses in reading comprehension nearby that are suitable to your level.
I am sure the department there can help you choose the best one for you.

Oh yeah, you already forgot that you said you can't read it again
because you don't save anything. You just take potshots because it is
fun I guess, now stooping so low as to resort to profanity. You must be
proud of yourself.

Off for the weekend after this series of posts, so enjoy your holiday to
those of you who have one Monday!