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> > > What would a spellchecker be for a language that doesn't have a
> > > standardized orthography?
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> > That would be the spell checker that recommends options, not enforces
> > them (like most spell checkers),or it could simply be the "null spell
> > checker". Not every internationalization or localization effort needs
> > every feature that everyone that came before had.
> But what would it be checking against? Where would these recommended
> options be coming from?

I would guess a spelling dictionary (that may need to be created using
the very kb we re discussing for all I know). Spell checkers of today
use a word list, sometimes combined with stemming and other such
linguistic algorithms. Like all other software, they are never
considered complete, and are subject to constant revision.

In fact, a spell checker could work with no dictionary at all, because
there is usually a parallel "user dictionary" - so a user could choose
to save or not save *his* preferred spellings. later over time, someone
might aggregate those into a list all could share.

I am so glad you are taking more of an an interest in linguistic
software issue then you used to Peter. Perhaps Vellum is a better place
to raise questions of that sort, and be sure to at least try to use
google or your favorite search engine to do a search such as "how does a
spell checker work" before expecting someone to give you free basic
advice too often :)

> > > You do realize that no one who can actually write English (i.e. passed
> > > Freshman Comp, even though it used to be something mastered in high
> > > school) uses a "grammar checker"?
> >
> > Yeah I think that would be the first to get dropped from the above list
> > - but it might be helpful for communication in English for Africans
> > (e.g) - I often get the feeling the 419 spam I get was perfected by such
> > grammar checkers :)
> Um, are you suggesting that Vai-literate people write English in Vai
> script?

No I am suggesting that Africans (and others worldwide) write email in
English that is less then perfect grammatically speaking. And before you
jump on me, people write poorly in lots of other languages too. It is an
*example*. Grammar software, while not perfecting software, might
improve the writing. I think I will try it on some Nigerian spam in the
near future now that I think of it :)

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> Gack!! This posting was suddenly ended with screen after screen of
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Sorry - usually I cut those out before sending (as we all do apparently)
I guess I missed it that time.