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> Nicholas Bodley wrote:
>> Well, it's pretty obscure info.; have seen it only a very few times,
>> but it's memorable.

> Yes it is memorable. Especially in the sw internationalization business,
> [...]

Okay, I got off my figurative duff and Googled Until Found.

Google on ["forward slash" "directory separator" MS-DOS]; that gives a
good number of hits. I stopped at the first one that had a decent

One hit is

Scroll down about 35%, and see

"Because MS-DOS used the '/' for options, which it got from CP/M, which in
turn got it from RX-11, which may have originated it. [...]"
Following that, you'll see what I was fussing about. Author is Sean
Conner, and he posted on Sunday, February 03, 2002.

It's not the only such statement. MS-DOS is small enough for people to
(illegally?) disassemble it, and discover this for themselves. Whether
this is how most who know it found out, I doubt; word simply spread, I'd

Apologies for all the computer detail; however, what's being discussed is
the meaning of a weird and wondrous (okay, 20% "w. & w.") symbol.


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