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> BTW, please review the IBM link from earlier - it is handwriting
> in the sense that you input the text by dragging a stylus around
> surface, but at first glance it appears to be only tenuously
related to
> the writing system to begin with - that's why I thought this might
be a
> good candidate.

Okay, I watched the demo and it is shape based. It is basically
an onscreen virtual keyboard that operates by dragging the
stylus from one letter to another insead of having to mouse click.
So the RSS (is that right) question is dealt with.

However, one still has to decide on a reasonable inventory of
symbols.- 350 doesn't seem too friendly, then one has to decide
how to organize them in a chart or display so stylus travel is

I think this would be good for Cree, 36 + symbols, but not for
Tamil since it has some 250 symbols and the syllable rows can
be called up effectively in other ways, since it is an
alphasyllabary, as I prefer to call it in this context, where
consonant input can call up the full row and then the syllable can
be input visually.

How could this work for Chinese - I can't see it, but maybe no