Jonathon Blake wrote:
> Nicholas wrote:
> >I like what Barry is suggesting.
> I don't see why Barry thinks that ORA will produce more sales than
> Oxford University Press. For starters, it is neither an ORA title,
> nor fits anything in their current offerings. [CJKV is an entirely
> different beast from _World's Writing Systems_.]
> Amazon sells one or two copies a week of _World Writing Systems_..
> That puts it near the tail end of the "good for backlist" category.

It does?? Then they're cheating us on the royalty statements ... the
vast majority of sales comes from the $50 website sale listings, which
it seems to almost always be in but which I can never find.

> _If_ OUP decides to let it go out of print, then maybe discussion with
> another publisher might be worthwhile. Until that point, there is no
> economic incentive for anybody else to publish it.

"The harcover market is not yet exhausted."

Of course if they continue to sell it at a paperback price, it never
will be.

But that also precludes a corrected or revised edition.
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