Anton Sherwood wrote:
> Nicholas Bodley wrote:
> > Story goes that when the rock band Mötley Crüe first appeared in Germany,
> > at the opening of the show, they were greeted by (presumably friendly)
> > chanting in the audience of the German pronunciation (although I find
> > "Crüe" to be really awkward). I don't know what the band's reaction was.
> Nikki Sixx (bassist) is quoted: "all the kids were going `Mutley Cruh!'
> and we were going `Huh?'"
> (Rock Names from ABBA to ZZ Top: How Rock Bands Got Their Names, by Adam
> Dolgins, Citadel Press 1993)

Pauline Kael, in her review of one of the Inspector Clouseau movies,
wrote that Peter Sellers was talking about "minkeys." Turns out he was
saying "mönkeys."
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