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> Andrew Dunbar wrote:
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> > I don't think anybody was disparaging the solution
> > you used in your book. Nobody would be expected to
> > create a font from scratch for an exotic script for a
> > single use. Not even bullshit-starting engineers.
> >
> > Andrew Dunbar.
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> I agree no one was disparaging Peter's solution. It may still be the
> best solution available for him.
> But it wasn't the only solution.
> Ken Lunde, in his seminal book CJK Information Processing created many
> fonts as needed to lay out the book. Certainly the same techniques were

Seshat's been sitting on this message for 18 days, yet lets it go
through with "certainly" attached to an asinine assumption??

> available to PTD, and anyone else. Given the complexity of the task at
> hand, it is fair for PTD to have chosen something else. KL was employed
> by Adobe (and still is AFIK - I haven't bumped into him for a while) and
> presumably had free reign, access, and a paycheck to write the book, so
> he came to a different solution to the same problem.

"Same" problem? For the two Chinese characters that aren't in the Mac
set -- one of them was that character for 'library' that exists purely
to demonstrate that characters not in the usual set exist -- I scanned
Victor Mair's handwritten ms.

> It has nothing to do with bullshit, it has do do with achieving your
> goals in a manner you deem satisfactory.

And Lunde's book came out years after WWS was finished.
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