At 18:05 -0400 2005-08-23, Peter T. Daniels wrote:

>YOU have started doing something different; this time I received THREE
>copies, because in addition to the "To:" line, there is also a "CC:"
>line with both qalam's address and mine. This is NOT inserted by Yahoo

Yes, I know. That is because I hit "Reply" in Eudora, and Eudora
inserted qalam in the To: field, and inserted qalam and grammatim in
the Cc: field. I told you that is what Eudora did, and does, every
time. Eudora has done this on my system for a very long time, now. It
irritates me, but there you have it.

>Everyone else has received two copies of the message.

I know. It is something that the software does without my asking it
to, and any time in future that I happen to forget to actively delete
what is in the Cc: field, it will happen again.

If that occurs, it will be an unintentional accident. I dislike
multiple copies of messages, and I always have, and I always try to
make sure that I do not send them.
Michael Everson *