Michael Everson wrote:
> At 13:21 -0400 2005-08-23, Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> > > The list software is configured so that when I select reply, qalam is
> > > in the to: field, and qalam and the original poster, in this case
> > > you, is in the cc: field. There isn't anything I can do about that.
> > > Normally I delete the contents of the cc: field, but sometimes one
> >> fails to be perfect.
> >
> >This has never happened to me; I can only reply to both if I click the
> >"Re: All" button at the top of the page. It has also never happened with
> >a message from you before, nor from anyone else at qalam, nor from any
> >other yahoo group.
> That's because I try to be diligent in deleting the superfluous qalam
> and (in this case) PTD address from the cc: field (as I have NOT done
> here, to prove the point). Eudora does, however. do this
> automatically. I wish she didn't, but she does.

YOU have started doing something different; this time I received THREE
copies, because in addition to the "To:" line, there is also a "CC:"
line with both qalam's address and mine. This is NOT inserted by Yahoo

Everyone else has received two copies of the message.
Peter T. Daniels grammatim@...