> Peter Daniels wrote: Who is Adam Brown, and why do you identify
> him as "linguist"?

SB: Brown has a degree in linguistis and teaches linguistics and ESL
classes in Singapore.

> PD: Is the blurb-writer acquainted with French? Korean? (Which,
> by the measure that people criticize English for, is even more
> disconnected from surface phonetics than English.)

Brown wrote the blurb that appears on the back cover. I have no idea
as to what his language proficiencies are.

By the measures of phonemicity that I use French and Korean are much
more phonemic than English. There are, of course, many ways to
measure how well the writing system represents speech. I am very
curious about the one that you use to come up with your counter-
intuitive conclusions.

One what basis do you conclude that Koren and French are less
phonemic than English?