i18n@... wrote:
> Marco,
> Could you explain which characters in that sample are the ones that
> expand outside the bounding box?

I din't say that characters go out of boxes but that there are no boxes at

Of course, any shape scratched on a piece of paper can be inscribed into a
rectangle as bound as possible to the shape. However, doing this on our
sample results in completely irregular "boxes", ranging from the huge one
enclosng "漢" (1st character of 2nd row) to the tiny one for "二" (5th
character of secondo row):

(I also attached the picture to this mail, but am not sure whether it will
pass through.)

> To my untrained in Chinese eyes, I
> don't see any spacing issues that are outside the error inherent in
> handwriting habits.

There are no spacing issues or errors, in fact, as I said, that's quite an
ordinary and legible handwriting.

> It all looks "box bound" to me...

It depends what you mean by "box bound". As you certainly know, in printed
Chinese all characters occupy an ideal square which is exactly the same size
for all characters. In handwriting, this is simply not the case.


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