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> Peter,
> I have found an online keyboard for Nepali-Devnagari that actually
> displays all syllables and smoothly inputs on a mouse click.
> http://www.chhahari.com/unicode/
> This is what I have been babbling on about. One actually exists. I
> wonder if there is any possiblity that it will be extended to other
> Indic scripts i.e. Tamil, Punjabi, etc. This I could use.

Curious. I see it offers <tra>, but aren't <tri>, <tra:> etc. also
syllables? Are they indeed to be written as half-form <t> plus <ri>
etc., while <tra> does get a syllable?

If you print it out, you ought to be able to convert it to Tamil
pretty easily. It still needs quite a bit of work to be able to
produce all the conjuncts of Devanagari.