> From: Nicholas Bodley [mailto:nbodley@...]

> >> Unfortunately, fonts for such use are likely to require extensions
> >> existing standards, perhaps specifying permissible locations on
> >> glyph for joining, as well as initial, medial, final and standalone
> >> forms, and perhaps other data.
> > I'm not at all sure what you're referring to. There are several
> > Latin OpenType fonts, but none required extensions of any standards.
> Basically, I was concerned with joins between consecutive letters that
> look best; I find it quite hard to believe that free cursive font
> for calligraphic continuous-stroke rendering would have a "one
> fits all" place to join almost any letter to almost any other.

No, generally the connecting stroke on the right or left for a given
character would need to have variants to match different classes of
adjoining characters.

But there are no standards that require extension in order to this.

Peter Constable