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> Took me a while to parse your online name, because it seems to
>have several plausible split points (and possibly more than one).
>I'm assuming "cærulean centaur", surely distinctive enough for
>(Using a test version of Opera, which doesn't want to accept my
>telling it to use utf-8. Was trying to type [ash], like an a-e

Several years ago I was ceruleancentaur on Yahoo. When I returned to
Yahoo more recently I couldn't use the name because "it was already
in use"! So I went with the more archaic
spelling "cæruleancentaur." Blue is my favorite color and I was
in the sign of Sagittarius.

I tried to use the a-e ligature using Alt-145, but it wouldn't work.
I'll never understand why ASCII works sometimes and not other times.
So I cut and pasted what you had typed.

Yes, "quaestio" is spelled correctly.