These started as single "smart quotes", a dubious term. Looking at page
source, I see Win-1252 encoding (implicitly); the single quotes were
‘ and ’ (wrong syntax?), proprietary Microsoft encodings. E-mail
programs that don't gracefully handle proprietary Microsoft encodings
expand them into short strings of nonsense, but each time the phrase is
quoted in e-mail, the number of nonsense characters at least doubles! As I
type, there are about 38 characters for the closing quote.

{start quote}
> replaced by ‘craft, design and
> technology’, which seems to mainly
> involve making things of cardboard.
{end quote}

The original had single quotes around "craft, design, and technology".
It's at the end of a short paragraph, fourth 'graph from the end of the
text, at <>. The
document is an amusing, semi-technical essay about safecracking and

This ballooning is fascinating, but I'm beginning to wonder whether after,
say, 20 or so quotings in e-mail, it might create unmanageably-huge
messages. Don't tell malicious hackers about it! :)

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