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> > with Office 2000 (no Uniscribe) and at least 2 different
USP10.dll files
> > but maybe more.
> Am I confused? I thought that usp10.dll is Uniscribe.

Yes, USP10.dll is Uniscribe. I have no Uniscribe in my Office 2000
programmes files and Word does not access the USP10.dll in Windows
(for me anyway) but I have a USP10.dll in MS Works and a different
one in the Windows platform which WOrdpad accesses. Sorry to be so
unclear about that. I don't know where my problem is but it is
clearly my problem because I *can* get good results from Unisacribe
but sometimes have problems. These problems happened after
installing and sometimes uninstalling several different applications
like Keyman and others. At this point I know this is just something I
need to sort out myself.

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