On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 10:10:22 +0000 (GMT), Andrew Dunbar
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> Uniscribe is only for display, it's quite separate from the input system.

However, whatever you key in needs to be displayed, and afaik Uniscribe
does that. So, if your keyed input is sensible, Uniscribe might possibly
mess it up.

Opera 6 for Win. used Uniscribe (and RichEdit), just about certain, for
e-mail. Now that its core is, almost sure, cross-platform, I don't really
know. It can't handle Indic fonts properly yet, though, just about sure.

> It's already got better since MS's first attempts. I'm sure it'll get
> better in the future. Nobody's ever tried to do this stuff with Indian
> scripts before and there's surely not much financial incentive.

Microsoft has a subsidiary in India that is working on proper handling of
Indic fonts, almost sure. Not sure, but I think they have recently offered
versions of Windows for Indic languages; might well not have remembered
that accurately.

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