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Weird line breaks, just below! I didn't do them...

>> As I understand it, the font does not contain
>> instructions for such
>> matters as reordering, reshaping, and joining; those
>> are the
>> responsibility of the software that renders the
>> text. I do recall that
>> Unicode is clear about this matter.

>> How I wish Linux had something like Uniscribe!

> Linux does have something like Uniscribe. It's called
> Pango and it lives at http://www.pango.org/

> Sadly, it was quite a bit behind Uniscribe when I last
> looked.

> Andrew Dunbar.

Thank you. I just had a look, and it apparently supports Indic languages
better than the current Uniscribe; could be wrong about that. Some other
things about it looked very nice. Page was last modified in year 2000;
pity! Hope the developer is well and happy.

Uniscribe and Pango, once they are complete*, must represent a great deal
of work.
*I'm just about sure that neither is.

Suzanne McC. might like to have a look at the Tamil specimen on the Pango

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