On 1/12-2004, at 3.48, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:

> Any of you qalamities out there fairly comfortable readers of
> Cherokee? 
> Or friendly with someone who is?  I'm playing around with some
> font-design, and I made a set of the Cherokee syllabary.  There seems
> to
> be just about _one_ standard Cherokee font; almost all examples of it
> look just about the same.  I drew mine by hand and didn't trace the
> "standard", so I'm curious how it looks to eyes that are used to
> reading
> it.  I could just mail blind to some Cherokee website, but I'd rather
> try someone familiar first.

I have found two attempts on creating more "modernized" versions of
Cherokee fonts.

Tiro Typeworks have made a font family including Cherokee characters. A
specimen can be found here:

The Cherokee characters appear on page 4.

A subset of this font is included with Mac OS X 10.3 under the name
"Plantagenet Cherokee".

Another approach is a monotype font - Andalé Mono Cherokee:


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