Hi Wolfgang.

> Hello Marco,
> I am new to the qalam group. Attached please find a pdf file
> comprising 77 Telugu words which I copied from a
> "Telugu-Russian phrase book". The pronunciation of each word
> is stated in cyrillic letters.

Thank you! I'll study this (and the Tamil one) over the week-end.

BTW, this didn't appear on Qalam because we cannot use attachments anymore.

> My list includes words like "hotel", "ticket",
> "taxi", "telephone", "airport" "TV" etc. I was, however,
> unable to find the Telugu equivalents for "pizza" and "spaghetti".
> I found "tutti frutti ice cream" instead (ain't that something !?)

Wow, great! I'll guess I'll use this!

BTW, although "tuttifrutti" is built with Italian elements, it is not
properly an Italian word: we borrowed it from American English only after
Elvis's famous song ("Tutti-frutti... Honnolulu..."). Much later (60's or
70's, probably), when the first Italian tourists started travelling in the
USA, people discovered that it had something to do with ice-creams, so all
ice-cream kiosk all over Italy started selling "tuttifrutti" ices, "as they
do in America".