On Sat, 31 Jul 2004 11:08:21 -0700, Doug Ewell <dewell@...> wrote:

> Nicholas Bodley <nbodley at speakeasy dot net> wrote:
>> I strongly suspect that 24-pin impact dot-matrix (and thermal?)
>> printers were developed by the Japanese to be able to print their
>> standard ~2,300+ kanji acceptably.
> This is known to be true. American companies had been perfectly
> satisfied with the rendering of ASCII on 9-pin printers.

Thanks for the confirmation. I can recall staring at the font design for
the Model 43 Teletype, which must have had a 9-pin printhead.
(Like most, if not all, Teletype Corp. products, its was a very good
design, i.m.h.o.)

More generally speaking, I think that typography for typewriters and
computers is a valid topic for discussion, although not necessarily
on-topic in Qalam.

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