At 09:43 -0400 2004-08-01, Peter T. Daniels wrote:
>Michael Everson wrote:
>> At 09:29 -0400 2004-08-01, Peter T. Daniels wrote:
>> >I posted the definitions I published many years ago. What's wrong
>>with them?
> >
>> They are minimalist. While they may appropriate to your article in
>> the WWS, it was felt that they need elaboration to be useful in the
>> context of the Glossary in the Unicode Standard.
>So what would you, or anyone, suggest?

I was just answering your question. Obviously the people who wrote
the definitions for the glossary felt that elaboration was necessary.

>Definitions are _supposed_ to be minimalist

Says who? They are supposed to explain the needful. That does not
mean they must be minimalist.
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