Peter T. Daniels wrote:

>for babies
At this point, I'm really completely at a loss. Essentially, in the
face of mounds of evidence (literally: you could pile up the
non-Biblical pointed texts in the world and they'd be mounds, even if
you included only one copy of each work), and evidence from someone who
actually reads and uses this stuff, you'd rather say that it's just
impossible you could be wrong, and the evidence must be worthless. What
kind of scholar are you? I could (in theory) line up 1,000 people who
read this stuff *every day* and who have for more than twenty years, who
will tell you they need and expect Hebrew to be pointed in piyyutim, and
produce 10,000 poems all pointed carefully, most by their original
authors, and I bet you'd still shrug and say it's all for babies.

There isn't much to be said, I guess. A discussion like this looks to
be a lot like shouting at a brick wall, only less enlightening.