Mark E. Shoulson wrote:
> >Depends what you mean by "most," but the occasional proper name or
> >potentially ambiguous word is hardly "most."
> >
> I think he meant "most Modern Hebrew texts use at least some points
> somewhere in them." It depends how you want to look at quantities
> of language. Viewed word-by-word, yes, very few words are
> pointed. Viewed letter-by-letter, even fewer, proportionately.
> Viewed sentence-by-sentence, proportionately more, and so forth.
> Viewed document-by-document, pointing (in the sense of occasional
> pointing) is very common.

The designer of a character set (for computers, lead type typography,
typewriters, etc.) would view it "user-by-user", i.e. she'd ask herself "Are
points used at all?"

For Hebrew, it seems that the answer from 8-bit character set for computer
is ambiguous.

ISO and DOS character say "no" (i.e. include no points):

Windows and Mac character say "yes" (i.e. include them):