suzmccarth wrote:

> I just wish that someone could persuade Unicode that the Indic
> scripts are called Aksharamala not some term that comes from the
> Amharic psalter. Did some India government representative agree to
> this term?

Why couldn't they have just called it the "kaakiikuu" like everyone

> Think of how confused I have been, faithfully following links to the
> Amharic coding. Checking back on Tamil, wondering what is going on.
> An inherent vowel just means the users don't like abstract, non-
> concrete phonemes as the major structural unit. So they want the

WTF is "abstract, non-concrete phonemes"?

> consonant to be pronounced as a syllable. This is no surprise. Okay,
> explain the vowel overriding feature but call the system
> Aksharamala. Then everyone knows there are syllables.
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