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> And now I'm supposed to know what you mean by "*an*" vs. "*the*"?
> ** For emphasis, is that not right? I was just guessing. I wanted
> to bold the words but couldn't.

Yes, suz. Asterisks indicate emphasis.

Your contrasting of the articles is uninterpretable.

> I thought that Ethopic was the original abugida that the name came
> from, just like the name 'alphabet' came from Greek, or wherever. So
> Ethiopic would be the original abugida. And other systems that are
> supposed to be like the abugida are called an abugida, a system that
> is of the type abugida.

No, suz. Have you really never read anything about the history of
writing? The Indic scripts were introduced in the time of Ashoka, 3rd c.
BCE; the vocalization of the Ethiopic script was introduce in the 4rg c.
CE, probably under Indian influence.

> > > syllabic codepoints "That isn't terribly helpful" a "syllabic
> > > keyboard is conceptually brilliant" That was my original point. I
> >
> > Word salad?
> I thought that you would recognize you own quotes.

Now you mention it, I used those phrases, but certainly not in the
non-context in which you excerpted them. The former, of nearly anything
having to do with this discussion; the latter, of Lloyd Anderson's
electronic keyboard for typing Linear B and Cherokee and Cuneiform.

> > Why don't you ever snip the stuff you don't comment on?
> Didn't know I was supposed to.

(How long have you been using Usenet?)

> On the Septuagint. It was a misunderstanding, a very simple and
> unimportant misunderstanding. I thought, for example, a
> transliteration for the first four Greek letters would be a,b,g,d,
> etc., vs. spelling out alpha, beta, gamma, delta.... So I thought
> that the Greek transliteration of the actual Hebrew letters aleph,
> beth, gimel, .... etc would be the letter alpha, the letter beta,
> the letter gamma, and so one including the letter omega which
> parallels the hebrew letter vav. Those letters are there, also the

Did I not say, every time, "transliterations of the names of the Hebrew

> names of the letters. However, maybe we are looking a two different
> editions of the Septuagint. I just found it interesting to know the
> liturgical origins of the word. Another reason maybe for not using
> the word for Indic scripts.

I am not looking at an edition of the Septuagint. I merely know what
appears in the text. If you are looking at an edition with editorial
additions (such as numberings of the sections), you might read the
introduction to learn to distinguish between the text and the apparatus.
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