suzmccarth scripsit:

> I just wish that someone could persuade Unicode that the Indic
> scripts are called Aksharamala not some term that comes from the
> Amharic psalter. Did some India government representative agree to
> this term?

A cocky novice once said to Stallman: "I can guess why the editor is
called Emacs, but why is the justifier called Bolio?". Stallman replied
forcefully, "Names are but names, 'Emac & Bolio's' is the name of a con-
fectionary shop in Boston-town. Neither of these men had anything to do
with the software."

His question answered, yet unanswered, the novice turned to go, but
Stallman called to him, "Neither Emac or Bolio had anything to do with
the ice cream shop, either."

It was dreary and wearisome. Cold clammy winter still held way in this
forsaken country. The only green was the scum of livid weed on the dark
greasy surfaces of the sullen waters. Dead grasses and rotting reeds loomed
up in the mists like ragged shadows of long-forgotten summers.
--"The Passage of the Marshes"