Peter D. wrote (1 July):

Or like calling all visible communication systems "writing," even though
you would then have to come up with a new word for writing, it being so
qualitatively different from pictography or quipus or tokens.

The term "writing" has always, for me, strongly suggested 1) Use of a
writing instrument, most likely pen, pencil, or brush to create written
language, or 2) The creative process which produces prose/text and poetry.

Keyboarding ("typing") seems even farther removed from the first
definition, above.

I also like to distinguish between handwritten and printed text, feeling
uneasy about referring to the latter as "written". (I'm not including the
term"printing" for careful hand lettering.)

Nevertheless, the existence of the WWS title surely (and at least
implicitly) defines "writing" to include printed text.


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