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> For what it's worth, in odd snatches of spare time I've been
making a few notes on the Bengali script at
> http://people.w3.org/rishida/scripts/bengali/bengali-script/
> This is still very much a work in progress, and may contain
inaccuracies, but you may also find it of use.
> (I recommend the use of a browser with good support for CSS
selectors, such as Mozilla or Opera, if you have one, though it
should still be readable with Internet Explorer. There also seem to
be some font issues with Gentium in IE - lengthening marks, and
double-character underlines don't come out right)
> Suggestions, clarifications, contributions welcome.
> RI

Thanks, Richard, I use your notes a lot, no problems now that I have
ditched Office 2000. I have tested Tamil, Punjabi, Hebrew, Russian,
Chinese etc. etc. in my browser and it all looks so great on one
webpage. Bengali is on my list for next year. The inscript keyboard
works well for me too now that I know what it is. The children
still won't use opentype font or the inscript keyboard but I have
arranged to work with native speaker adults in the fall to choose
appropriate input methods.

Suzanne McCarthy
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