Does anyone know anything about Hildegard's alphabet?
Have searched the Net but there is very little mention
of it and know chart at all. Also not long ago there
was a discussion about color writing. Just the other
day I found this site:
Another question that I have is did anyone ever come
across a kind of a sign writing from the middle ages
that looks like an elongated reversed S with a
vertical line at both ends? This goes back about 40
years or so when I was much younger and reading
anything I could lay my hands on about different
alphabets etc. What I can remember is that the article
in my uncle's magazine was about the history of
universal languages. Unfortunately I cannot remember
the name or the inventor of the system. The "S" was
filled with different symbols (dots, cirles, lines,
crosses etc.) within and without the "S". The premise
was that once someone learns the meanings they can
read it in their own tongue.

Take care,

B. J.

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