Ph. D. scripsit:

> Some English speakers just don't get it. All over
> southeastern Michigan, new office buildings are
> given names such as "Green Oaks Officenter."
> The last word is intended to be read as "Office
> Center." Many bank holding companies have
> added "Bancorp" to their names. Again, this is
> intended to be read "Bank Corp."

It's easier to trademark words if they're "fanciful", which includes
distortions such as these. "Quick Copy" might be ruled generic for
a copy shop: "Kwik Kopy" will most likely not.

John Cowan cowan@...
If a soldier is asked why he kills people who have done him no harm, or a
terrorist why he kills innocent people with his bombs, they can always
reply that war has been declared, and there are no innocent people in an
enemy country in wartime. The answer is psychotic, but it is the answer
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