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>> Finally, the last name of the composer Leos JanáÄ*ek is apparently
>> universally mispronounced in the classical music community in the USA;
>> we accent the first syllable.

Good grief; all I did was key in an a-acute, and look at the mess! My
default send encoding is utf-8, which might confuse the ASCII-only paths.

> The stress is on the first syllable, but the vowel of the second
> syllable is long.

Shockingly-ignorant question, but this is a very civil place: In this
context, does "long" imply relatively-long time duration? I assume so.
It seems to me that sometimes the vowel in "pot" is sometimes called
"short", and that in "oaf", "long", but I suspect such usage is by the
phonetically-untrained (which I am, for the most part). I also have
Japanese vowels in mind.

I like places where there is "no such thing as a stupid question",
although I don't think that applies exactly to Qalam; it's more that Qalam
is civilized. :)


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