On Thu, 17 Jun 2004 23:05:54 -0400, Young-Key Kim-Renaud
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> It seems that your Korean professor tried to make it "easy for a foreign
> ear."

Especially considering that he teaches at what is more like a "junior
college" (afaik!), that's surely believable. Thank you, kindly, for such a
careful explanation. I'll print your letter, something I don't do too
often. The [hy] is easy for me (been trying "mgrvgrvlad"; feels funny...).
One conclusion is that, provided one pronounces the "y", the
Latin-alphabetic spelling is closer that I expected. (But, of course!
Hyundai, being a very-significant world-class company, would do its best
to spell its company name correctly.)

Many thanks, indeed.

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