Nicholas Bodley scripsit:

> There was a report this morning on National Public Radio from Hamtramck,
> Mich. Surely enough, it was consistently [mis]pronounced "Hamtramick"...

I only knew one person (now dead) who lived there, but he *did*
say "Hamtramick", so perhaps that's correct, or at least acceptable.
My next-door neighbor broke me of saying "Lou-eez-i-an-a" like a Yankee
(even though I am one) and inculcated "Looz-i-an-a". And how many people
(Hi, clsn!) know that Pierre, South Dakota is pronounced "Peer"?

John Cowan cowan@...
Female celebrity stalker, on a hot morning in Cairo:
"Imagine, Colonel Lawrence, ninety-two already!"
El Auruns's reply: "Many happy returns of the day!"