Dear Qalamites,

I am trying to find out whether the following writing systems still in
current use. Beside each script, in parentheses, is my current understanding
of the usage status of the script. Please correct me!

1 Tifinagh (still used; recently acquired official status in

2 Tagbanwa (still used in Palawan, Philippines)

3 Buhid (still used in Mindoro, Philippines)

4 Tagalog (not used anymore: Tagalog is now written in Latin script)

5 Buginese (not used anymore. BTW, is it "Bugi*s*nese?)

6 Osmanya (never really caught on: Somali is written in Latin

7 Cherokee (not used anymore: Cherokee is now written in Latin

8 Deseret or Mormon (never really caught on: the script is not even
used in liturgy anymore)

9 Bopomofo (not used anymore: Taiwan officially adopted pinyin for
transcribing hanzi phonetically)

I also have a different question about the Ethiopic script: is "Ethiopic"
still the preferred name for the script, even after the independence of
Eritrea? Do alternate names such as "Fidel" or "Ge'ez" have any derogatory
or discriminatory nuance?

Thanks in advance for any help.