At 18:00 -0500 2003-12-11, Peter T. Daniels wrote:

> > If it lists Han ideographs, then obviously it covers Chinese.
>> In any event, Unicode has a distinction between written language and
>> script. The Japanese language is written using three or four scripts.
>No, there's no such thing as "ideographs,"

We know there are better names for them, Peter. In this context it
refers to those squarish CJK-thingies, OK?

>and the context -- adjacent to the kana -- shows that it's referring
>to Japanese (since Unicode lists all of Chinese, all of Japanese,
>and all of Korean characters separately, and if they choose to
>include Chu Nom, they'll be separate too).


Unicode considers "CJK ideographs" to be one script, "Katakana" to be
another, "Hiragana" to be another, and "Hangul" to be another. Chu
Nom is already included, in the CJK ideographs.

>If "Roadmap," whatever that is, want to list three of the components
>of Japanese writing separately, then they need to list Romaji as

We do. It's called "Latin".
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