Michael Everson wrote with respect to Urdu:
> In Unicode terms it is the same script.

Now that is an interesting comment, and I probably should know this, and a
quick look didn't turn up the answer: What is the criteria by which Unicode
determines what is in or out of a script?

I realize Unicode labels characters with a script identification, but it hasn't
occurred to me before this to ask the criteria. I had presumed the script was
either obvious or determined by others, but of course there are these grey

I know the labels are from ISO 15924 (and I know you are involved with that)
and that Unicode is the registration authority, but I didn't see any criteria
for distinguishing scripts.

How is it determined that Urdu is the same as Arabic?

(I am not trying to argue the case, just trying to understand how Unicode and
ISO 15924 think about it.)

(And I'll be offline for a few hours now.)

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