Thanks Marco. Yes, I used Nakanishi as a reference, so that is likely where I
got it.

Marco Cimarosti wrote:
> Tex Texin wrote:
> > On Urdu, one of my sources considered Urdu a separate
> > script. I am trying to find which one.
> That could be Akira Nakanishi's "Writing Systems of the World", a book which
> describes writing systems used in today's (well, late 70's) daily
> newspapers.
> Nakanishi treats Urdu as a separate "alphabet" from Arabic, probably because
> it is (was?) not customary to typeset Urdu: all text on Urdu newspapers is
> (was?) handwritten by a calligrapher. OTHO, Arabic and Persian newspapers
> are normally typeset and calligraphy, if any, is only used for the titles.
> _ Marco

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