<cultural commentary>
When I saw an image of the Florida "punch-card" ballot that a few people
failed to understand, I realized that even in the USA, a triangular
glyph (headless arrow) does not universally mean that it is "pointing"
in a specific direction. (E.g., U+25B6) That symbol, apparently, doesn't
necessarily indicate "pointing to the right", to all the world's peoples.
</cultural commentary>

Well, go to
and see an index to images. Select any image other than the upper left or
bottom right, and once you have absorbed the image, note the three little
symbols at the bottom. If your browser can and does show "tooltips", you'll
be able to deduce from the URLs what they do; previous, index(?), and next.

Fwiw, I like Tibetans, although I have spent all too little time with them;
I also have the highest regard for H.H. The Dalai Lama.


Nicholas Bodley |@| Waltham, Massachusetts