At 07:17 PM 8/12/2003 -0400, Peter Daniels skrev:

>What's asiomagraphic?

You've got me.. Some random person had IMed me before about it..
said they'd found it in WWS and some other script related books. Boggled me...

>You could start with Gelb's glossary, in *A Study of Writing*.

Yes, well and good.. but, this isn't for *me*.... the impetus and
incentive for me having written what I had actually stemmed from watching
these posts go back and forth arguing over terminology and semantic fields.
While it's easy enough for the group to perhaps pull together a
bibliography and post it on the yahoogroups site, wouldn't it behoove those
who have gripes and dissatisfactions to pull together a comprehensive FAQ
that answers to not only the specialist as well as the layman, and would be
readily available?

I mean, rather than writing these posts to one another, where
sniping gets subtly added in for one's use or even ignorance of use of XYZ
terminology, why not come together to bring forth a clarified standard (at
least for this forum...)?