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> <http://www.kotovnik.com/~avg/rosetta/rosetta.html>
> Caveat: I have only scanned the document, but what I did see
> looks very sensible. For the record, I do respect Unicode to
> the point of calling it inspiring, and that is not commonplace.
> Nevertheless, despite all the excellent, careful, thoughtful,
> heartfelt and informed work done to create Unicode, it does have some
> weaknesses.

This isn't an April Fools joke? Rosetta never really impressed me as a
universal character set, considering as it can handle Russian, and . .
that's about it. (It's missing c-cedilla, an opening quotation mark,
and a couple other things for English.) His goal of keeping stuff in
sort order just can't work for stuff like French and German (reverse
accent sorting and the esset, respectively), nor can his method of
case switching work (esset, long s). Rosetta encodes right-to-left
languages in left-to-right order, against everything I've heard users
of those languages request. Unlike ISO-2022 and TRON, there's no need
to discuss history on why it lost; Rosetta lost because it didn't work.