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> Dear Qalam members,
> Please allow me to send you a
fresh copy the welcome message that
> all received when you joined
Qalam. This message also contains a
> simple behavior rules that *must*
observed in this mailing list.
> I especially call your attention
on rule (2): 'Qalam is a forum for
> discussing "the writing systems of
the world"'.
> An off-topic message once in a
while is tolerated, perhaps even
> welcome. However, in the last few
days, most messages I have seen
> where about things totally
unrelated to writing systems.
Without seeking to undermine your
(quite total) authority here, I
didn't feel that, for the record.
> If any of the discussions is
important to you, please find (or
> create) another forum where they
are on-topic, and invite people
> there.
At the moment I am quite honestly
asking myself whether there are
sufficient regular non-peevish
contributors to embark on such an
> Also, please use proper quoting:
leave blank lines between your
> comments and quoted text, and only
quote the parts of text which you
> are commenting.
> Members who have technical
limitations, like Etaonsh, please
try and
> do the best which is possile on
your systems.
(Blank lines not technically
possible; removal of non-quote
material is letter-by-letter).
> Talking about Etaonsh: Richard,
please immediately *stop* calling
> racist or imperialist anybody who
does not agree with one of your
> opinions.
I never do that, and wouldn't dream
of it (partly because I would be
victimised even if it were the
case). Racism is a (sometimes
semi-conscious) part of the culture,
unfortunately, however, so it
periodically has to check itself and
abandon words which cause some of us
> There are no racists in this forum
and, should they arrive, I will be
> immensely glad to kick them out,
as is clearly specified in rule (1).
> Regards,
> Seshat (Qalam moderator)
> .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.
> Welcome in Qalam!
> Qalam
(groups.yahoo.com/group/qalam) is a
mailing list where people
> can talk about the writing system
of the world.
> Alphabets, syllabaries,
logographs, ideographs, hieroglyphs,
> sign language writing,
calligraphy, typography, graphology,
> character sets, input methods,
modern scripts, ancient scripts,
> fictional scripts, paleography,
deciphering ancient writing...
> These are just a few example of
the things that are on-topic in
> I wish to remind thee a few
technical instructions:
> - To post messages use this
> qalam@yahoogroups.com
> - To unsubscribe use this address:
> qalam-unsubscribe@...
> - To subscribe again use this
> qalam-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
> - To contact me use this address:
> qalam-owner@yahoogroups.com
> Also please take notice of the
rules of Qalam. I tried to keep the
> list minimal, and I am sure that
thou doest not even need these few
> rules:
> 1) Netiquette.
> Nothing complicated: use thy usual
politeness, and be tolerant with
> members who know less than thee,
or who indulge in heretic
> opinions. However, racism, sexism,
obscenity and profanity are
> absolutely not welcome. Please
drop me a line in case that such
> things appear in the Qalam forum.
> 2) Topic.
> Qalam is a forum for discussing
"the writing systems of the world".
> If thou realisest that the message
thou art posting is off-topic,
> please prefix the mail subject
with an [OT] indicator, so that
> members will realize at-a-glance
that thou art talking about
> something else. If thou thinkst
that an off-topic discussion is
> becoming too long, consider asking
the other people engaged in it to
> follow thee to another forum, or
to continue the discussion
> 3) Site rules.
> We are the guests of Yahoo!Groups
(groups.yahoo.com, previously known
> as eGroups), so please make sure
> thy behaviour also complies with
the eGroups rules:
> - Member Guidelines
> - Terms of Service
> - No Spam!
> - Copyright Policy
> For any other information, please
visit the Qalam home page:
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/qal
> Regards,
> Seshat (Qalam owner)
> .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.