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> >Personally I can't think of
> >more relevant to 'qalam' than
> >manufactured consensus, when I
> >picture small children being
> >the alphabets of Empires to play
> >with from an early age. Some of
> >guys on here are a bit heavy -
> >lighten up, guys!
> If you want to talk about social
philosophy and apply it to literacy
> writing, maybe it's on topic.
Heavy? Lighten up? I'd like to see
my inbox a
> bit lighter,
Seeing as how P.D. has made it open
season on criticising each other's
technology, why are you still using
an inbox?
and discussions about whether
chomsky is responsible for
> certain terms or the ideas behind
them is not what I signed up for.
Chomsky has succeeded in getting the
message that language influences
thought into the media. This is
relevant to alphabets, as is
'manufactured consnsus.' If too much
time is taken up with peevish
remarks by males, there will be no
progress here.