Peter Daniels wrote:

>You can find the original description in Gari Ledyard's dissertation
>(1966); available from UMI for a lot cheaper than if it had ever been a
>published book. (I don't remember how much of the 1443 text is included
>in his article in Kim-Renaud 1997, U HI Pr.)

Ledyard's dissertation, *The Korean Language Reform of 1446*, now IS a
published book, in a somewhat revised and handsomely printed, hard-bound
edition: published by Singu in Seoul, 1998. It costs 25,000 won; i'm not
sure how much that is in US$, but it's a bargain. The work is discussed by
Young-Key Kim-Renaud in the book review that i referred to before, in WL&L
4:2, forthcoming.

cheers; bill
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