At 16:16 -0500 10/11/01, Peter T. Daniels wrote:

>NB [Haarmann[ has at least one book in English on pre-writing, so
>you don't have to try to penetrate his turgid German. But it isn't
>any better.

Possibly. But from some points of view, his Universalgeschichte is
really quite useful. For encoding, it has been, anyway.

I found a copy of Winn's book on the Vinca stuff in a used bookstore
in Calgary and ordered it.

> > So, Peter: the Phaistos disk. Document or board game?
>As Emmett Bennett says, *every* decipherment of Phaistos is correct
>(since there's absolutely nothing to control the results against).

I suppose that's true. I've got one book, though, that, nice as the
drawings are, doesn't really convince:

Gordon, F. G. 1931. Through Basque to Minoan: transliterations and
translations of the Minoan tablets. London: Oxford University Press.
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