* Peter Constable
| Lars, I just took a poke there (haven't yet had a chance to give it
| an in depth look) and noticed that you're counting the Tai Lü
| script as an abugida.

I did, although that was mainly guesswork.

| I don't think I agree (whether using my own idea of what abugida
| should mean or Peter D's original definition). I also wouldn't call
| it an alphasyllabary (as in Bright's usage). I'm inclined to say it
| really is alphabetic.

Looking at the sample on the Omniglot site I see your point. I have
changed it now. (Thanks a lot for the correction!)

| - The New Tai Lue script is descended from Lanna script. That, in
| turn, is descended from Mon, and is a sibling to Burmese. The
| relationship to Thai and Lao is more distanct, those being more
| closely connected to Khmer.

I believe this page shows the same statement in a more graphical way:
<URL: http://www.ontopia.net/i18n/ftree.jsp?id=tai-lue >

(Provided the visualizer works. We are having some mysterious problems
with it, so it needs to be rewritten.)

--Lars m.